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Just wondering about the  Linux version?  I don't mean to keep asking but I can't install this version, itch won't let me.

I have already took it under consideration to make a Linux version as soon as possible. So don't worry, it just takes some time. I hope you find it worthy. ;)

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Hi Can you make a test port so I can atleast install and see if it works?

This version is for PCs running Windows OS, but I will definitely work on an export for Linux machines too, God willing.

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Thank you !!! If you need a tester I don't mind reporting bugs back.

Of course. Thank you very much for your interest! 

Hi, can you give us an update on the linux port?

Hi dear, Not yet, but I will definitely put it in my feature list for the next big update. God willing.

I'm not able to play the game due to no controller support rip me ;-;

but i would want to play it it's just i'm on a fucking laptop and there is no controller support

I am sure you have a keyboard and at least a touch pad with your laptop. Just use the keys defined in the description section above in the game page and enjoy the experience. ;)

Great game and it's currently free!


Thanks for your comment. ^_^

Such a fantastic platformer game.

I waited for full version of Boingkid :)

Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it.

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